Healthy(ish) Thanksgiving Sides

Good morning guys. I hope you’re all getting ready for America’s favorite holiday.. I mean second to Christmas of course. But seriously, Thanksgiving is amazing. You get to see friends and family, you have a reason to be grateful *warm fuzzy feelings* AND you get to eat… LOTS! But if you’re concerned about your waistline and want to make something healthy and delicious, check out the sides below from some of my favorite bloggers!

Shredded brussels sprout and bacon salad with warm cider vinegarette from HalfBakedHarvest. I mean, yes they have bacon, but that’s why they’re a crowd pleasing dish! The sprouts give you vitamins and fiber, the pomegranates give antioxidants, and cider vinegar has gut healing abilities!

Anyone on a low carb diet has faced the struggle of stuffing: it’s so good but a total no-go. Do all of your low carb guests a favor and make this savory cauliflower stuffing from Delish.

While you’re at it, do all of your dairy (and gluten) free guests a favor and whip up these creamy mashed potatoes from WatchLearnEat.

This savory squash tart from BonAppetit gives a great balance between savory and sweet. Plus it’s an added serving of vegetables without being coated in sugar (like most squashes are).

This lightened-up green bean casserole from ACoupleCooks has all of the flavor and none of the scary ingredients.

If you’re going to have a salad this Thanksgiving, make it this healthy waldorf salad by TheAdventureBite which is tasty enough to make even your pickiest eaters happy.

No Thanksgiving meal would be complete without cranberry sauce. This year, try this sugar free (and low carb) version by SugarFreeMom which includes orange for freshness.

And of course you need dessert. This year I’m trying this skinny pumpkin cheesecake by FoodMeanderings.

What healthy sides would you try? Is there anything you normally eat that is/could be healthy? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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